Being A Straight Girl and Loving Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

I love the show Orange Is The New Black it’s got the right amount of comedy, it touches base on the inmates personal life inside and outside of the Connecticut women’s prison and there is a character for everyone to like and dislike.

As a straight girl watching the show the only awkward moment is when your sat watching the show on your TV screen or on your laptop alone, and someone who has never seen the TV show walks in on a full girl on girl sex scene at the exact moment it hits it steamiest. I no I’m not the only one lol I jump for the remote and switch it over lol and then act guilty like I am secretly watching porn, but in that single moment I become a cringe Ninja my mind works over time thinking how I can explain the lesbian action I am watching and not once does it occur to me to just saying I’m watching Orange Is the New Black.

For those of you who have never watched Orange is the New Black especially those in the UK and Australia that used to watch Bad Girls on ITV or those who currently watch Wentworth (Prisoner Cell Block H), this makes the Lark Hall girls look like nuns and the Wentworth Girls seem all about the drama. The Litchfield Penitentiary girls deal with so much more, like the various factions the whites, blacks, Hispanics and crack heads. What makes you identify more with the show is yes Piper Chapman is the main cast member of the show, but the show looks into the other women in the prison as well. We see how they ended up serving their sentences, in some cases you actually see the women handle the situation they are in and although you may not always see it, even the factions have a sense of family about them, which is nice to see. The good thing about this show is that it also has a lot of comedy aspects, which also make the show more appealing when the women aren’t fighting, or in steamy situations they are often getting themselves into awkward situations with hilarious consequences, from training cockroaches how to smuggle contraband, to paying for witch craft and upsetting the kitchen staff.

Show creator Jenji Kohan has written this show so well that there is room for a number of spinoff’s and also the show could go on without its main character Piper Chapman. As well as a strong script and base the show has a very strong cast such as Taylor Schilling (Piper Chapman) , Kate Mulgrew (Red), Danielle Brooks (Taystee), Uzo Abduba (Crazy Eyes), Dascha Polanco (Diaz), Samira Wiley (Poussey), Selenis Leyva (Gloria), Lea Delaria (Big Boo), Yeal Stone (Lorna), Taryn Manning (Pennsatucky), Vicky Jeudy (Jenae Watson), Adrienne C. Moore (Cindy Hayes), Diane Guerrero (Ramos), Natasha Lyonne (Nicky), Jessica Pimentel (Ruiz), Laverne Cox (Sophia), Elizabeth Rodriguez (Aleida Diaz), Contance Shulman (Yoga Jones), Laura Prepon (Alex Vause) These women excel in the show and show how talented they really are being both serious and comedy actress, there are also other very talented supporting cast members as well and I am sure that as the show continues more talented cast members will arrive on to our screens.

If your not already aware Orange Is the New Black is actually based on real Life Piper Chapman, who committed a white collar crime many years ago and was sentenced to 15 months a decade after, if you like the show the book is definantly worth reading as well.

This is my person opinion of Orange Is the New Black I have know affiliation with the show or own any rights to this show or and of the shows mentioned in this article, just a fan of the show with something to say and filling my blog.

I hope that my new book The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer will have a huge success.


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