Alzheimers & Dementia Awareness (how my nan was let down by the system)


Sadly this is not what I had intended my blogs to be about, but due toexperiencing how poorly my elderly grandmother who has Alzheimer’s has been treated. I have decided to write a number of articles detailing what has happened and how it effects the person who needs to be cared for and the family members involved.

I have chosen to write these articles to raise awareness to the subjects in my forthcoming blogs/articles, but also in hopes to be an advocate for those who can’t defend and speak up themselves, so people who do not understand this terrible illness and make both ill informed and hurtful comments like a certain UK Sun Newspaper Columnist. My grandmother has a caring family who do want the best for her and we fight like a pack of wolves to ensure my grandmother is looked after. But there are many elderly people out there who are #disabled, #vulnerable or who have #dementia or #Alzheimer’s who don’t have anyone to look after them and to fight there corner and the way I see it, one day we to will be elderly, so lets make a stand now!

My name is L J Legend and I am an author of soon to be released book series The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer in which 5% of my profits made online from books sales will be donated to the Alzheimer’s society, which will help to ensure that funds go to supporting suffers of this illness and also give much needed funding into finding a cure.

So you understand where I am coming from let me give you a little bit of background on my grandmother’s story. She is 82 years old and is still quite active but has #Alzheimer’s and is also very prone to infection as she has a stoma bag. She is not in a care home as of yet, but still needs that little bit of help. My grandmother was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2014. However, we suspected this might have begun in the winter of 2013 maybe even earlier, as a result we then took her to her Doctor at the time, and was told by the doctor who no longer works at the surgery, that this wasn’t the case and she was not referred to a specialist. Still concerned about this in January 2014 I myself pushed for a specialist and they came and did a memory test which I sat it on, and in all honestly listening to my nan during the test not remembering or knowing a lot of things and witnessing her trying to pass the questions on to me and her getting very frustrated with herself absolutely broke my heart. The person told me from the memory clinic someone would be in touch with in two weeks, we never heard back within that time. After numerous attempts to contact them we find had someone else from the Memory clinic and my grandmother was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s by the end of August. This person from the memory clinic who had now become our direct contact promised us the world such as extra help, teaching my mother who is my Grandmother eldest daughter and main career by going on courses after that we never heard from the memory clinic contact, till my Grandmother ended up in hospital over December (The #NHS #Hospital has an article all to it’s self). Eventually my Grandmother came out mid January 2015 and the contact came up and did a memory test again, which I was present for. He told me he would be in contact, as he suggested a pill to not cure but delay the Alzheimer’s. We explained as I would be going on tour and my mother works we would need the appointment ASAP as they had made us wait long enough for it, they then sent a letter saying we would have an appointment end of April. I was not accepting this and I called and pushed for the appointment for February and I’ll give them their due after I explained how they had previously let us down they, changed the appointment within a week and now she is on a pill which hasn’t had the best effects on her, so we will attempt to change this. I should mention that my grandmother has a career or multiple careers that we have also had a terrible time with (that also get’s an article all to it’s self). My grandmother is unaware that she has Alzheimer’s as we as a family have chosen not to tell her, as we don’t want her to go down hill or have to worry with the anxiety of knowing that she has this illness. This is just the shortened version of what my Grandmother has gone through, as you will find out more with all the forth-coming articles, which I actually want to shock you all with so that we #takeaction.

Through out my blog/articles I will not name and shame the parties involved, as we are currently in the process of dealing with them, but if they do not start improving as they have all been sent links to this blog and know that this is about them, then I will name and shame, but I would just rather they take action by improving how they deal with Dementia and Alzheimer patients.

I hope that you do find this article/blog and my other articles/blogs insightful.

Please see my articles titles below so that you may read more on this once I have published them.

1. Door-to-Door Charity Fundraisers and the Vulnerable (are 3rd parties really helping the cause??

2. District Nursing and do they really no who their patients are???

3. Local Borough Councils understanding Alzheimer’s.

4. Home Care (Who are you letting in??)

Thank you for reading.

L J Legend


2 thoughts on “Alzheimers & Dementia Awareness (how my nan was let down by the system)

  1. My father has now had 3 memory tests, MRI scans and CT scans. This has been on going since March 2015. He is 58 years old and just since March has deteriorated massively. Cannot walk without help from my mother (his wife), cannot remember what day or even whether it Is am or pm. He cannot remember basic conversations. He forgets when he has taken pills or even if he has eaten. He sleeps 18 out of 24 hrs maybe more. We are now waiting on yet another appointment with no end in sight.


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