Things every Holidaymaker should know, so that they don’t annoy their hotel or holiday park Entertainers

So you’ve come on holiday and wanna have a good time, then you need to keep your resident entertainer happy below are one or two things that we really find annoying.

  1. Please do not jump on the stage

When we politely make the announcement for you or your children not to jump on the stage, please do not go a head and allow your children to jump on the stage or even worse actually put them on there, the same goes for when you are drunk and decide to show your dancing skills off, because we are only gonna upset your child and you by telling them or you to get off the stage. We don’t do this because we are grumpy and wanna be the only ones in the lime light, we just don’t want you to fall off the stage and hurt yourself and then have you sue us or write on trip advisor how unsafe it was or break any equipment we or our Act’s have on stage.

  1. We are not a babysitting service

 Yes you are on holiday, but if you have brought your children with you, it is a family holiday! So please do not send your children to kids club on their own and complain when we send them back, to come and get you. Yes we love entertaining your children but there are also other children on holiday to, so our focus cannot be on just one child. And just because all our staff is CLB checked, holidaymakers aren’t and we can’t be held responsible for your child talking to strangers or wondering off.germany2_2992424b

  1. Just because we pick on your partner it doesn’t mean we fancy them

If we approach your boyfriend or girlfriend to take part in a game show it really doesn’t mean we fancy them, so please don’t square up to us. We have probably gone for them because they look perfect for that activity and we probably swerved you because you had a face like thunder. We have a short space of time to get volunteers up on stage before the next event so keep calm down and get your camera out.

  1. We are not councillors

Yes we are friendly and are more then happy to help. But please don’t put us in that awkward social situation where you tell us everything bad that has happened in your life from the day you were born, it takes a lot or energy to be happy all day and we are highly emotional creatures.

  1. When we have finished our shifts at the end of the night

When it’s the end of the night and your trying to have a lock in and think talking to us will prolong your stay in the bar it won’t, whilst we’re smiling and talking to you, the bar staff are giving us the evil eye. Plus we need to go to sleep as we have probably worked a 15-hour shift.

  1. When guests say our job is easy and that they can do it!

It’s so annoying when guests say they can do our job it’s easy! No its not we have random shift patterns, need to be able to remain calm at all times even when someone has missed their bingo call and kicking off over £20 or during a fire evacuation, speaking confidentially and clearly on a microphone, be happy all day long, come up with activities and game shows, learn dance routines, talk to everyone even if they are scumbags and more…

  1. Trip Advisor

I’ve touched base on this before from an entertainer’s point of view, entertainer’s love having great reviews on Facebook, after all they work hard to make sure that you have a great holiday, but we can’t control the weather (They may occasionally do a sun dance in their underwear by the pool, but it rarely works) or other guests (They are not parents or bouncers, if you have come on holiday where children and families are the obvious answer is that yes children will be running about it’s what children do). But guaranteed that there will always be that one guest who no matter how much the entertainment team clearly do for them and other guests, will knit pick at everything and find fault in everything (Yes non constructive criticism we do take personally and it does hurt our feelings) come and speak to the entertainments manager if you have an issue instead of blogging about us and posting our name over the internet (You wouldn’t like your name posted).

  1. Gossiping

Holidaymakers who come back on a regular basis and caravan owners (Not all but a few) are notorious for spreading gossip (which is usually a stretch of the truth), if you see us coming back early in the morning it doesn’t mean we have slept about, if you heard someone is leaving or been in trouble we don’t need to no! You gossiping to us ,we usually get the blame for starting so stop we prefer to be drama free.

  1. When It Goes Wrong

When something goes wrong on the nigt, it really goes wrong, like the sound system or the karaoke not working and trust me whilst we are all smiles out front on the inside we are stressed as hell but you would never know because we are cool and calm. But when your entertainer get’s to that point where they have to tell you they have to change the entertainment, trust me we do not need you booing because you think that’s fun, it doesn’t help and you think we haven’t seen but we have and we are thinking of evil ways to pick on you through out your holiday and trust me we will! We also don’t need you trying to tell us how to fix it because trust me we already tried it.

  1. No one ever tips the entertainers

It’s not that we expect to get tips at all from the guests, we enjoy our jobs but every else the works in the hotel or holiday park gets tipped why not the entertainers? Believe it or not the entertainers are always the lowest paid staff members so when you’re tipping everyone remember the entertainer that’s worked incredibly hard who doesn’t expect the tip, even a little thank you, you made our holiday amazing goes along way.

  1. We are not Holiday Reps

Holiday Reps are a different breed they work from 8 am till 1 pm and 5 pm till 8 pm 6 days a week. Entertainers do 10 am till 1 pm and 1pm till 5 pm and the 8 pm to midnight 6 days a weeks so trust me we don’t wanna hear you complain that there are not enough sunbeds or that it’s too hot we know.

  1. Starting a sentence with the “The last hotel I stayed….”

It’s all good well done you for going on holiday before. Every hotel in the world is different and there will be different things you liked about you previous holiday, but you didn’t choose to go back again you went some where new, now get over it! Your hotel entertainer doesn’t approach you and say well my last audience were much better… so please holidaymaker let it go, don’t pass your misery on to everyone else.

  1. Obviously being a mobile social freaks.

If we’re trying to entertainer you, you don’t need to be loudly skyping or face timing anyone it’s not fair on those trying to watch around you do that back in your room.


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