Scouse Girls Vs Essex Girls; (The Battle of the Most Glamorous)


So I’m most defiantly not an Essex or a Liverpool girl in fact I am a London girl, but whilst writing my book “The Secret Diary of a Hotel Entertainer” some of the stand out characters are from Essex and Liverpool, whilst working in the Hotels I have met many Essex and Liverpool girls and they are amongst some of the most glamorous I have ever met.

So there are plenty of jokes about them (not all complimentary) and they most defiantly are some of the most glamorous women in the UK but its time to give credit where credits due. It’s time to put glamour against glamour.

So let’s start with Essex and why these girls could be worthy of the crown.

Since the hit TV show #TOWIE aka The Only Way Is Essex hit our screens, it certainly helped to boost the economy with beauty products, fake tans and fashion. It’s also been pretty good for the cast of the show lining their pockets with £££.

So you’ve gotta give it to the cast of Towie girls past and present they’ve got boutiques, clothing ranges, beauty products, books and blogs and magazine deals it seems we just can’t get enough of Essex.

Essex host’s some of the finest socialite events such as Essex Fashion Week, Polo etc. there’s also many well known night clubs including the Sugar Hut and Faces amongst a few in which people come from all over the UK for a taste of the Towie life style.

Now not all of Essex has a touch of glamour and I am not saying every Essex girl is glamorous, but if there’s a decent night club or a good night out these girls know how the glamorise and accessorise, and this is why;

  1. Length of time to get ready –It takes them at least 4 hours to get ready, which includes having their fake tans, nails, and hair, their make-up they do themselves.
  1. Make-Up and Hair spray – On a night out despite having a fake tan, full make up including foundation is applied and to ensure their make up doesn’t run until 4am they’ll spray hairspray on their face to stop them sweating the make up off.
  1. The outfit -New outfit will have been purchased at least a week before.
  1. Not a care in the world – When they go out they don’t care what people think about them that’s your problem not there’s and as long as they have their girls the rest can jog on.
  1. Guys beware – Any guy trying it on they are gonna have to get the seal of approve from her mates before she’ll even acknowledge you and that’s just to start with.
  1. High Heels – They wear scarily high heels and yes they can walk in them any one else would bring spare shoes, but not an Essex girl these shoes are there to stay baby.
  1. Essex girls are straight to the point- they will tell you as it from food in your teeth to wearing last years fashion you can guarantee they’ll say it as it is!
  1. Pyjama’s – are only for the school run or to pick their mates up from the train station or the bus station if their driving, not for a Saturday afternoon to go down town shopping whilst getting ready for their big night out.
  1. Guaranteed Essex girls – will not only have a handbag with them but that bag with contain a full make up kit, chewing gum and everything you could possibly need to survive a night out.
  1. Selfies – Essex girls are the queens of selfies and it doesn’t matter if there’s a punch up in the background they’ll look good in their selfie.

And now it’s time to turn our sights on The Liverpool Girls aka Scouse girls, they may not of had much luck with their reality TV show Desperate Scouse Wives (I actually liked it, but it was just not set up properly, wrong channel, not real Scouser’s, and we wanna see real Scouse girls not glamour models and wags). But Liverpool is home to some of the most fashionable WAGS in the business like the likes of Coleen Rooney and Abbey Crouch.

Like Essex girls not all Scouse girls are glamorous but there are a fair few that are, and they defiantly go all out for a night or day out. These girls defiantly wouldn’t be caught dead with out make-up on. So here are the reasons why these girls could take the crown.

  1. Night Out Make-Up – Guaranteed every scouse girls knows at least one make-up artist and when they go out no matter how hot and sweaty and drunk they get, they could wake up the next morning and they still look like it was applied whilst they were asleep all perfect.
  1. Day time Make-Up – There is no way in hell these girls are leaving their houses with out make-up, they will do their make up at 4am if they have to.
  1. Scouse Brow – I’m not sure that this is a good idea but the scouse brow is when you basically take all your eyes brows off and draw thicker ones on, although it is more of a scouse look. It’s defiantly not a look for everyone and maybe need of a bit of the Essex girl honesty to tell you if the brows should stay or go….
  1. Cosmetic Tattooing – The newest trend to hit Liverpool is cosmetic tattooing of the eyebrows and lips, which is semi permanent but defiantly a quicker option for the scouse girls.
  1. Length of time to get ready – According to the scouse girls I know it takes at least 24 hours to get ready to go out.
  1. Never Enough outfits – Despite having a wardrobe as big as Carry Bradshaw’s. Scouse girls never have enough outfits and they treat shopping like it’s an Olympic sport, so it’s certain before a night out a Scouse girls facebook status will be “I just don’t have anything to wear”.
  1. Lashes – Fake lashes aren’t just for a night out but for some Scouse girls they are a way of life.
  1. Big Hair – It’s all about the big hair, you’d hate to be behind them when 50 shades of grey the movie came out. lol you would never be able to see the movie, it would have gave new mean to censorship.
  1. Pyjama’s & Rollers – There’s just not enough hours in the day to get ready and do what they need to do, so if it’s the day of a night out some scouse girls will go about their business in town with a head full of rollers and in their pyjamas.
  1. Immune to UK weather – I’ve seen this myself when I went up to Liverpool in November 2014, It was freezing I was wrapped like I was in the artic, with a jacket, gloves and a scarf this was on the way to clubbing and grabbed a pot noodle on the way back to my hotel to stay warm. These Scouse girls were in short skirts, no jacket and walking about like it was summer.
  1. Super Friendly – Scouser’s are friendly and will talk to anyone, which makes them so approachable.

Now before I tell you who I think wins the most glamorous women in the UK this is just my opinion and it does not apply to every Essex or Liverpool girl. If this article offends anyone remember it’s not what I’ve said that’s offended you, it’s how you have taken it, so you’ve only offended yourself.

But I have to say that the winners of the most Glamorous are the Scouse girls, everyday for them, is filled with tiaras, make-up rituals and more…


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